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Jessie Nuez, Verizon SomosFiOS Promo, Latina Blogger, Family Tech Blogger, Latina Tech Blogger, Tech Columnist

Family Tech Expert Advice for Busy Parents & Families

Jessie Nuez is a proud bicultural, bilingual native New Yorker born and raised in Washington Heights.

Since 2009, Jessie has shared expert tips for families on her blog, Hecho Para Mamá, a bilingual lifestyle platform, which centered on product reviews, helpful tips and useful information for families.

Driven by her desire to inform and empower families, Jessie has evolved her mission beyond Hecho Para Mamá and now focuses specifically on providing quality resources to bicultural and bilingual families with a passion for tech and digital entertainment.

Her recent venture,, is a blog focusing exclusively on tech reviews and product information for bicultural families who are looking for more insights about new products, honest product reviews, and tips on how to combine tech and family harmoniously.

Over the last four years, Jessie has had the extraordinary opportunity to work on several large scale campaigns, including brand ambassadorships with Fortune 100 companies like Verizon, Ford, P&G, and Disney.

Jessie Nuez’ extensive knowledge in social media has made her a valuable resource to brands and parents who trust her to advise them of the absolute best products and family tech solutions.

Jessie was a regular contributor to Babble Voices, where she shared tips about tech for family, like her favorite learning apps for kids, or the modern conveniences of today’s live stream media and web TV platforms.

Jessie is also the former editor and regular contributor for Latina Blogger’s Connect, a collaborative network that connects Latina bloggers with brands who want to engage with Hispanic audiences online.  She has also been named as a Top Latina Blogger by (Latinos in Social Media) and attended an exclusive mini-MBA program at The White House for Top Latina Bloggers and social media influencers.

Jessie is currently a Verizon FiOS and Netflix brand influencer. As a part of their social media ambassador programs, she assists in driving tech conversations online and responding to potential customers about her experience as a longtime Verizon FiOS and Netflix customer.

She has also contributed to the NY Examiner Gadgets,  NY MetropolistaTu Voz Tu VidaSpanglishBaby, The TikiTiki Blog, Siempre Mujer, and has been featured as a Latina tech expert on NBCLatino.

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